Wayne Jones, President (Retired Sgt. San Jose Police Department)

Sergeant Wayne Jones retired from the San Jose Police Department after twenty-nine years. His last five-years were spent supervising police officer applicant testing with his staff in the Departments Recruiting and Backgrounds Unit. During his tenure with the department, Sergeant Jones has taught Administration of Justice courses at Gavilan College and is currently an adjunct instructor. His experiences in academia with his college students and police officer applicants prompted him to co-found Prep511 to address applicant testing concerns for applicants and employers. In the 5 years that Sgt Jones was in the recruiting unit, he has tested in person over 14,000 applicants, with an average hiring ratio of 1.9%. Many of the surrounding agencies have patterned their testing and training protocols after the methods developed by Sgt Jones.

In his 29 years at San Jose Police Department, Sgt Jones worked in high selective units and roles such as: MERGE (SWAT), K9/ Bomb Unit, Field Training Officer, Police Academy Instructor, Environmental Design Unit as the City’s Site Security Officer, Background Investigator, and as a Patrol Sergeant, Chief’s Office to design the new $390M San Jose City Hall complex’s security systems and security operations plan and as Sergeant of Recruiting and Backgrounds. Sgt Jones also continues to teach in-service law enforcement training classes throughout the country. The combined experience from all the various units, assignments and teaching has given Sgt Jones a keen insight as to the type of applicant that discerning departments such as San Jose Police seek out.

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Ven Reddy

Ven has been involved in pioneering early stage technologies for many years. Ven worked at Intel Corporation in the Technology & Manufacturing Group as a Programmer/Business Analyst. He has held various positions at Alliance Semiconductor including Director of IT, Software and Product Support Manager for the video graphics chipset, and Marketing Manager for the 3D video graphics product line. Ven was the founder of, a peer-to-peer network for Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Web, and Wireless users. He was a co-founder of, an online retailer which was acquired in 2001. Ven has been involved in various stages of venture capital since 1998. Ven holds dual B.S. degrees in Information Systems with a minor in Economics and Electrical Engineering with a minor Mathematics from San Jose State University.

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